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Logging Into the Database
I need a beginner's tutorial on using the Member Database
How do I log onto the Membership Database?
I misplaced my Username and Password! What can I do?
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New Memberships, Renewals & Changes
What's the status of my STARFLEET Membership?
If I want to renew but can’t find my SCC number, can I just sign up again to renew?
It’s been two months since I submitted my membership application. I haven’t received my membership materials yet. What should I do?
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I look at my Member Eligibility and not all of my completed STARFLEET Academy courses are there. Why not?
I haven’t received my copy of the Communiqué. What do I do?
Chapter Issues
Can I start a Chapter?
How do I change my chapter type?
I wish to transfer my membership to a new chapter. What do I do?
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Gmail Users: Prevent List Mail from going into your Spam folder
What methods are available for getting assistance with a STARFLEET-related problem?
Were you unsubscribed from SFI-L suddenly?
I submitted a Flag Rank promotion and I have heard nothing. What is going on?

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