Issue with Payments via SFI Database (Renewal/Sign-Up)
The Helpdesk team have been liaising with Membership Processing and have noticed a possible issue with members renewing or making a payment to SFI via PayPal.
When users are attempting to renew or sign-up on the SFI Database, a DB record is created but payments are not processing. Some users are attempting to renew/sign-up multiple times to get the payment through. This leaves the DB with many duplicate records that Membership Processing to locate and handle. (Thanks to LTCOL Frank Gonzalez for his assistance with this information.)
If you are having issues with processing payments, please fill out a ticket immediately or contact the Helpdesk Administrator via email - And under no circumstances, please do not attempt to renew multiple times.
- LT. Nathanial Lively SFMD
STARFLEET Member Services Helpdesk Administrator

AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft Emails Are Blocking

If you are using an,, or Microsoft-based email addresses (eg: Hotmail,,, etc) to communicate with anyone in SFI (most notably the Helpdesk) you will never receive our replies. Both AOL and Microsoft are actively blocking all emails with in the sender address or even in the body of the message.  All other email providers don't appear to be blocking at this time, we will update this message with additional information if that changes.

Until such time as SFI can convince both companies to release their block, we recommend switching to an email service that does not use AOL, Yahoo, or Microsoft-based services.

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