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What's the status of my STARFLEET Membership?
My membership expired and I cannot log into the Membership Database to Renew. What can I do?
I just moved. How do I let STARFLEET know my new address?
If I want to renew but can’t find my SCC number, can I just sign up again to renew?
Unable to find "Join/Renew" link
My address is wrong in the database. When I click to update it, it says that I am not the Primary member and cannot change this information. What does that mean, and how can I update my information?
It’s been two months since I submitted my membership application. I haven’t received my membership materials yet. What should I do?
I changed my membership information in the database, but when I look up my info again, it is not updated. What am I doing wrong?
I changed my Username in the database and it was rejected, why?
I am logged into the Membership Database and I want to renew my friend, but every time I click on “Renew Online”, it only brings up my information. How can I renew my friend’s membership?
I renewed online a few days ago and I just received an email reminding me to renew. Didn’t I renew correctly? What should I do?
When I renew online, doesn’t the credit card or PayPal transaction automatically renew my membership?
I have forgotten or misplaced my membership number. What do I do?
John Q. left STARFLEET; can you delete his membership information?
I joined/renewed via the on-line form. Why doesn’t the Membership Database show my new/renewed membership immediately afterwards?
When does my membership expire?
How quickly do memberships get serviced?
I wish to add a person to my membership, but that membership does not expire for several months. How can I do that?