Gmail Users: Prevent List Mail from going into your Spam folder

Problem: Mail that I receive from the official STARFLEET mailing lists are being marked as SPAM by Gmail.

Solution: Filter all mails from the mailing lists as "not spam."

Please follow this step-by-step guide on how to use Gmail filters to prevent important business list or other mailling list discussions from being marked as spam by the Gmail spam function:


First, go to the Settings using the Gmail Web Interface ( for your account.  If you use multiple accounts, you will need to login to each account separately to effect this change.


Next, let's select Filters from the list of available headers within your email Settings:



At the bottom of this section is a link to "Create a new filter."  Please click on this link to activate the Filter creation screen.


This will bring up the dialog area to create a new filter.  We're going to use SFI-L as our example mailing list with which we'll create our filter.  Fill out the form as indicated in this image:

As you can see above, we entered the exact email address of the SFI-L list in the From section, and then we click on "Create filter with this search" to actually move to the conditions page of the filter creation.  On this next page, we will tell Gmail to never send messages from SFI-L to spam.  It should look like this:

Make sure that you put a check or tick in the box next to "Never send it to Spam" and also make sure to apply to any conversations in your Inbox.  Now, this will not affect any messages in your Spam or Trash folders.  You will need to run a search for in your Spam/Trash folders to move them to your Inbox manually.

Once you click on "Create filter," this should create the filter and all mails from this list will now no longer be marked as spam in your Gmail account.  To confirm that the filter is now active, you should see this in the list of your filters:

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