I haven’t received my copy of the Communiqué. What do I do?

Please allow three weeks from the announced mailing date before assuming it was lost. Generally this period allows Post Office time to get the issue to you and also allows time for the SFI Member Services Department to receive copies of the CQ for re-mailing. If in that time frame you do not receive your CQ, contact the SFI Member Services HelpDesk. Provide them with your current mailing address and what issue you are missing. They will verify your address, making any corrections necessary, and send out a replacement issue. Please note: Moving without submitting an address correction is the most common reason for missing the Communiqué. Also, filing a forwarding order with the Post Office does not guarantee your CQ will be forwarded to you (this is due to the Periodical Postage rate that STARFLEET has negotiated with the US. Post Office).