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AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft Emails Are Blocking SFI.org

If you are using an AOL.com, Yahoo.com, or Microsoft-based email addresses (eg: Hotmail, Outlook.com, MSN.com, etc) to communicate with anyone in SFI (most notably the Helpdesk) you will never receive our replies. Both AOL and Microsoft are actively blocking all emails with SFI.org in the sender's address or even in the body of the message.  All other email providers don't appear to be blocking at this time, we will update this message with additional information if that changes.

Until such time as SFI can convince both companies to release their block, we recommend switching to an email service that does not use AOL, Yahoo, or Microsoft-based services.

 I renewed online a few days ago and I just received an email reminding me to renew. Didn’t I renew correctly? What should I do?


Yes, you most likely renewed correctly. When you renew, you are placed in a PENDING status that lasts for 1-3 weeks. During this time, the Membership Database still considers your membership nearing its expiration date. You do not have to do anything; after Membership Processing and the Treasurer process your membership renewal, it will be changed to ACTIVE status. If this does not happen after 3 weeks, then contact the SFI Member Services HelpDesk.

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