Assignment of OIC and DOIC for MSG's

2.13 Officer in Charge (OIC) Requirements
To be considered for the position of Unit OIC or Deputy OIC, a member must be 15 years of age or
older and must be a member of the ship to which the respective MSG is assigned. There will be no
waivers to this requirement. The OIC must have completed PD-100 and PD-201 (or must complete
within three months of taking office).
It is important to note that in the case of a Marine Strike Group (MSG), the OIC, DOIC, and NCOIC must
be members of the parent chapter of STARFLEET to which the unit is assigned. This designation
includes active and correspondence chapters.
In the case of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), however, the OIC, DOIC, and NCOIC must not be
members of a chapter of STARFLEET but unassigned within the region/brigade. The MEU designation is
designed to utilized in areas where no chapters exist or are too far away to attend regular meetings or

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