Were you unsubscribed from SFI-L suddenly?

The SFI-L List FAQ (link at the bottom of every message to the list!) states that the only requirements to subscribe to this list are that you:

  1. Are an active STARFLEET Member in good standing;
  2. Have an e-mail address listed in the STARFLEET Online Member Database; and
  3. Use that e-mail to subscribe to the list.

If you believe that you are adhering to the above policy for access to SFI-L, we invite you to re-subscribe at the following URL:


All future subscriptions to the shall be approved by the list moderators.  Please make sure that your email address matches the one in the SFI Database. If you need to change your email address, please visit this URL:


If your email address matches, we apologize. In our attempt to adhere to list policy, it's possible this was done by mistake.  Please use the re-subscribe link above to rectify.

Should you run into any further issues, please don't hesitate to open an helpdesk ticket.